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Enjoying a well deserved summer break now before starting a new job in august. I just wanted to post the english abstract from my paper, so those that have an interest in such things can see what the research unearthed.


This paper details an investigation into a network of practice centered on arts and making. By active participation on with my own digital images, I set out to describe the various ways we learn from each other in the process of making art online. This participation is set into perspective by a thorough description of social media that deals with art in general, followed by a thick description of deviantART specifically. Further depth and details about the network, the community and its multifaceted practices, is provided by interviews with long-time members.

Finally, the investigation is connected to relevant thinkers, writers and theorists. In figuring out what the term "community" is supposed to mean when dealing with learning, the project includes writings by Lave and Wenger about situated learning and communities of practice. Further, the Norwegian educator and forward-thinking A. Krokan sheds some light upon how learning processes could, and should, be enhanced and altered by the emerging technologies of Web 2.0. My research benefited greatly from the recent dissertation on deviantART as an evolving infrastructure for art-practices by D. Perkel, Berkeley, CA. A critical perspective is provided by J. Lanier in dealing with the "hive mind" and other kinds of online collective endeavors. Lastly, P. Duncum gets to make sense of the rhizomic field of visual culture by providing taxonomies of imagery and shedding the legacy of the modernist curriculum. The point to be made is this: is learning impacted most by the community, the technologies at hand, or the learner himself?

The research can be seen as an account of what it means to make art and learn from each other when we decide to create in a virtual environment. Not surprisingly, while we try to make the most of online functionality and possibility, we also carry with us our earlier experiences, education and preferences. Participating on deviantART is seldom the only thing people do. Most people actively engage in numerous social worlds, which then sometimes meet and collide in arenas like dA, a truth made real to me by my own participation in the field of research. The work also reflects the need to both modernize art education AND not to get drunk on the promises of emergent technologies. We have a school system that aligns IT-skills with reading, calculus and writing. Sadly, it's well documented that we're not even close to fulfilling these self-induced obligations in Norway. This is the personal motivation for a project like this one; getting closer to the frontier, and learning to learn in a new reality.


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J. K. Petersen
Currently working on my masters degree as an arts&crafts teacher at Telemark University College, Notodden, Norway.

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